Guidelines for the Use of Official Student Email Addresses

The Nilai U Student Email Facility is established to enable Nilai U staff and students to communicate more effectively and efficiently with each other.

Appropriate use of the email facility is important to determine the success of this communication mode. This is to ensure emails sent are not overloaded with unnecessary, repetitive or too much information resulting in a perception that these emails are not worth reading. This might lead to the facility not being used by all concerned. In addition to that, appropriate use would also mean protecting the privacy of the individuals concerned, as sensitive and confidential information could be communicated via email.

The guidelines below are intended to help guide the appropriate usage of this facility:-


General guidelines

  • Keep messages simple and direct.
  • Use plain text in messages--do not include HTML or formatted content.
  • Format messages so that lines wrap at 80 characters or less.
  • When possible, send email messages only to the specific individuals or groups for whom the message is pertinent.
  • When a message is to be sent to many recipients, use an email program that will not list all the recipients in the message; alternatively, include all recipients' addresses as "Bcc:" instead of "To:"
  • It is not advisable to send attachments when sending messages to groups .
  • A "From:" or "Reply-to:" name and email address of the sender is required.
  • All are encouraged to check their Nilai U email accounts regularly


Examples of appropriate uses

  • Communicating commencement and convocation information
  • Notification concerning students' change of course schedules (drop/adds), general petitions, withdrawals, and accommodation
  • Notification of cancellation of registration
  • Student aid processing issues and deadlines
  • Academic departmental information such as class changes, registration issues, new courses, job-opening lists, and events
  • Placement / Grouping information
  • New student information about academic support services and academic policies
  • Advising appointments
  • Notices about student internships and workshops
  • Payment deadlines and other Finance information
  • Surveys


Examples of inappropriate uses

  • Information unrelated to Nilai U matter
  • Solicitation
  • Promoting political viewpoints
  • Personal information
  • Surveys that do not serve Nilai U purposes.
  • Messages containing confidential information such as course grades, financial aid award amounts, or tuition/fee payment amounts which is sent for sharing
  • Corresponding or distributing messages containing pornographic materials
  • Emails that violate the Nilai U Student Email Policy