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Aircraft maintenance is a necessary process that involves servicing, repair, modification, overhaul, and inspection of an aircraft to determine its airworthiness. Aircraft maintenance activities ensure the aircraft's safety and reliability, ability to be on schedule and reduce its technical risks. 

Maintenance work conducted on an aircraft includes light and heavy maintenance. Light or line maintenance refers to supervision that is carried out before flight to ensure the aircraft is fit for the intended flight. This includes troubleshooting, defect rectification, component replacement, and scheduled inspections. 

Base or heavy maintenance involves tasks that require more in-depth work and are longer lasting. This is work that is related to the deterioration and repair of the engine and airframe, which includes component maintenance, technology upgrades, and airworthiness inspections. 

Increase in the demand for flights over the last decade has led to more opportunities for professionals in aircraft maintenance. Therefore, pursuing an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering programme will lay the right infrastructure for you to be a specialist that would be in high demand. 


Immersive Hands-On Experience

Obtain valuable hands-on lessons on the two aircrafts in the university’s very own hangar


Career Options

Multiple management / technical career options are available in the aviation and other related industries


Guaranteed Industrial Attachment

Prominent aircraft maintenance linkages provide one of the best industrial trainings


Dual Awards

With the Advanced Diploma award comes an engineering degree from Kingston University, UK

7 Semesters / 2.5 Years
100% PTPTN Available
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Full time: Min. 2 - 3 years / Part time: Min. 3 - 5 years
EPF Withdrawal Available
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