Giving Student A Good Head Start

The business industry is always evolving. Keeping up with the fast-paced business environment will become more challenging with new players and new obstacles especially without the right guidance and foundation at the very start. Making your business dreams come true is now possible with Nilai University’s School of Management and Marketing. The university ensures that its students experience the very best tertiary education that nurtures them into well-rounded and career-ready individuals.

What makes their business programmes different? Let us break it down for you.

Rewarding Business Studies Experience

Nilai University offers a wide range of Business programmes: Foundation, Diploma, Degree and even Postgraduate studies. You will have the opportunity for a headstart right after SPM with a Foundation or Diploma in Business. After completing your diploma, you can pursue a degree or opt to start working in the dynamic business world.

You will enjoy pursuing a business degree in one of the 5 specialised areas: Business Administration, Human Resource Management, International Business, Management or Marketing. First year students will build a strong grounding in these 5 areas, gaining insight into each of these areas before you finally decide on a major. The postgraduate programmes require you to write project papers and conduct a research of your own. This is a great opportunity for you to explore deep into the world of business as a researcher, coming up with a high-quality dissertation.

Examinations and tight assignment deadlines are inevitable, but at Nilai University’s School of Management and Marketing, every step gives you a better prospect and clearer pathway into the industry. You will be able to apply theoretical knowledge gained from your studies to solve business-related problems in your future career. At the end of your studies, you will find your journey as a business student at Nilai University rewarding and satisfying.

Head of the School of Management and Marketing, Vigneswararao Appalanaidu says encouraging his students to grow is one of the highlights of his career. “When I see them progress in the corporate world and have become quite successful, that makes me very proud. Some of my Foundation students even completed their degree and started their own business, and they are quite successful! It is very exciting to see how they start and where they end up.”

Dean of the Faculty of Business Professor Dr Sivakumar Velayutham points out the university’s emphasis on student life as a trait that sets this programme apart. The inclusion of students in activities gives them space to develop interpersonal skills while gaining exposure to the business world. He explains, “When Foundation students live in hostels away from their families, they learn interpersonal skills while living and working with other students. We want to get them involved in university life. By living in hostels, they have more time to get involved in activities in the evening.”

Dr Norwazli Abdul Wahab, Head of the School of Accounting and Finance, says the Business programmes at Nilai University are not all about paperwork and examinations, as students are also trained to develop competency in the working world. “I believe that the programmes we have are not just well-blended in the curriculum, but also as the best preparation for students.”

Be a Versatile Business Graduate

As a university that also focusses on character-building, Nilai University is determined to include its students in non-academic activities to encourage their development as individuals with responsibility, leadership, integrity, reliability and confidence, along with academic success.

They have identified the need for communication, versatility and excellent teamwork in order for one to lead and thrive in the business world. To achieve this, business students at Nilai University get to participate in Outward Bound programmes. Students go through a series of activities and challenges that require teamwork, interaction with your peers and the ability to be resourceful in critical moments. At the end of the programme, you will emerge as a confident and reliable individual who values the importance of cooperation and communication in the business environment. These skills will eventually help you gain a strong foothold in your business career. This is an important element of growth for any young individual, as it is resilience and versatility that will ultimately decide one’s success in both the business and corporate world.

Dr Sivakumar believes that students who complete their studies locally also benefit greatly despite not gaining overseas exposure, as Nilai University has a multiracial community.

You will learn to embrace and respect cultural differences as you work with your peers who come from different cultural backgrounds. This eventually leads you to become a business graduate who can effortlessly adapt to a new business environment. Vigneswararao finds that presentations and examinations also build a student’s confidence and ability to perform under pressure. This will then shape students into individuals who can adapt to any situation and be able to handle pressure with excellence. “In our programmes, everyone has to present – some are individual presentations and some are in groups. We also have exams to give an added dimension to complete things on time.”

Dr Norwazli encourages students to think critically in order to thrive in the highly competitive business industry. “They have to think out of the box. Because we know that in the industry, it is very competitive. They have to compete with graduates locally and abroad, so they need to think out of the box in order to penetrate into the industry. Otherwise, they will be left behind.”

Bringing Out The Leader in You

Emerge as a leader in the business world who is always prepared to face the fast-paced industry. At Nilai University, its mentor-mentee programme encourages discussions in small groups. This bridges the gap between reserved students and more open students, creating a balanced student community within the School of Management and Marketing – a unique and valuable trait of the programme. By participating in presentations, sharing your knowledge with your peers and guiding them in their assignments and revision, you indirectly gain the attitude and communication skills needed in a leader. You will find yourself capable of leading your peers in group work, and eventually, your own business team in your future business.

Make A Bold Choice

Ready to be a business leader? Up to 100% scholarship is available for you, along with other attractive scholarships with up to 40% tuition and accommodation fee waivers at Nilai University! The university is open especially for you during the weekends, so you can make a campus visit. Bring along your identity card and secondary school or pre-university exam results to register for a programme after the tour! Yes, it is that simple to kick-start your career in business.

For further information, please call 06-850 2308 for an appointment with our education counsellors or e-mail [email protected] or visit Nilai University’s Facebook page at or its website at www. nilai. edu. my.


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