Leading the digitalisation of education, let's hear Miss Nor Nazeranah's thoughts featured on Higher Education Digest

Nilai University would like to extend its heartfelt congratulations to Miss Nor Nazeranah Haji Omar Din, who is the Program Coordinator & Senior Lecturer at the School of Management & Marketing, Faculty of Business, Hospitality & Humanities, Nilai University. She has recently published an article titled "Revolutionising Higher Education: The Role of Technology in Enhancing Student Engagement and Learning Outcome."

Her insightful article sheds light on the crucial role of technology in the education sector and is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding how technology can significantly impact student engagement and learning outcomes. Her insights on the challenges that students face with the rapid integration of technology in education will be particularly useful to educators who are looking to improve their teaching methods.

We are thrilled to share that her article is available on Higher Education Digest. We encourage everyone to read it and explore how technology can revolutionize higher education. Once again, congratulations to Miss Nazeranah on this impeccable milestone! Click here to read.