Nilai University - Al Farahidi University (Iraq) & Aviation Australia Pty Ltd (Australia) MoU Signing Ceremony

In pursuit of accelerating the growth of the Aviation ecosystem, Nilai University, led by Vice-Chancellor Professor Dato’ Dr. Azhar bin Ismail, proudly announces a strategic partnership with Al Farahidi University (Iraq) & Aviation Australia Pty Ltd (Australia). With the spirit of knowledge, technology, and expertise exchange that transcends borders, this initiative aims to amplify academic cooperation, research initiatives, and student exchanges. Developing not just Nilai University graduates, but similarly the academics.

With esteemed counterparts like Professor Tarik Hafdhi Al-Kayat, President of Al Farahidi University & Professor Talal Yusaf Strategic Advisor to the Minister of the MOHESR Iraq & Dean Aviation Australia, we are set to lead Malaysia's aviation education sector. Find out more about our School of Aircraft Maintenance here